Traditions of a Tamil Wedding

tamil traditions

If you are getting married in Tamil Nadu, it is essential to know what to expect and the most dearly held traditions and customs which are most commonly practiced. Tamil people are known for staying with the traditions that have been passed down from past generations. Prior to the wedding, there are several rituals which are followed.

NakshatraPorutham – The horoscopes are matched up and are also used in determining the wedding date, the time of the wedding (muhurtha) and certain other rituals.

Marriage Agreement – the agreement of marriage is drafted by the priests on both sides once the marriage is fixed. A meeting is scheduled at the groom’s home where both sides exchange the marriage agreements. Gifts are also exchanged between the families.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham – The two sides visit a temple and organize a special puja at either home and pray for an obstacle-free wedding.

Sumangali Prathanai – This is a special puja that is mainly for the married women who take part in various rituals of the wedding. They are usually close relatives and family friends. They adorn Madisar sarees and after the Puja, the bride seeks blessing from each Sumangali and gives her some special gift (ex: Sari or jewelry) They are also treated with a special lunch.

These are just a few of the many traditions still practiced in Tamil Nadu. The spiritual symbolism of a wedding is significant more than the outward display. The Tamilian months of Aashad, Bhadrapad, and Shunya are avoided for weddings. Knowing the traditions and rituals practiced in Tamil wedding in Chennai can help you prepare for before the biggest day in your life.

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