Ten Suggestions on How to Pick the Best Wedding Hall

Here are 10 tips that will help one who may be new and inexperienced in choosing the appropriate wedding venue.

Wedding venue

The first thing to decide on is whether you want a small and exclusive wedding or an elaborate and extravagant one. After making that decision, it will be much easier to decide on the type of wedding venue that you select and the location, as well. Based upon your decision, you will either want to choose from the wedding halls that are simple covered areas which can be decorated later or grand palace-like structures with expansive gardens.

Wedding location

Regardless of whether you are planning a grand wedding or a close one with just friends and family, you should genuinely consider the wedding location. Indian beach weddings can be a fabulous and creative idea for those who desire a gathering of just the nearest friends and family.

Research plenty

Once you have determined on the kind of wedding party that you would like to have, research your potential choices well. Ensure that you shortlist all the wedding locations that are possible. Once you have a manageable list, try to visit each one.

Book with plenty of time in advance

Book your wedding venue as early of the wedding as you can. Booking early will not only provide you peace of mind but also perhaps avail you some discounts which you might not be able to receive at a later date. Additionally, the best venues often get booked early and so, it makes sense to book in advance.

Guest list

Before you decide on a wedding venue or choose for a garden wedding, watch the approximate number of guests you are expecting to be there at the wedding. Communicate with your would be in-laws accordingly and find out how many guests they are expecting. A crowded wedding venue can really spoil the mood and make the venue stifling and complicated to control.

Ceremonies and where they will be held

While considering the wedding venue or the garden wedding area, keep a list of ceremonies that will be held in your hand. Ensure that there is plenty of segregated space where each of the ceremony can be held without any disturbance to the guests or the bride and groom.

Changing rooms and rest rooms

Indian weddings are traditionally very long affairs that take place for hours. Children may tend to fall asleep since the ‘mahurat’ (auspicious time) for most weddings is sometimes at odd hours in the night. For the ease and comfort of your guests, ensure that the wedding venue has some rooms or private tents that will be made available for guests to change attire, take a rest or relieve them.

Catering service

Some wedding locations provide catering service so that you can book the location and the food at the same time. Certain wedding halls have tie ups with large catering services and will allow catering only by those catering groups. In case a wedding venue is insisting on a specific wedding catering, make sure that you evaluate them separately on the menu, food quality and price. Nearly every caterer and wedding halls that have tie-ups with certain caterers would happily invite you to taste the food. You may request them to invite you on a day when there’s a wedding function going on so that you too can have a sneak preview of what your wedding could look like and what would be the taste of the food that’ll be served.

Wedding decoration services

In the majority of cases, wedding decoration services are included in the wedding venue package. Make sure that you are comfortable with the kind of wedding decoration options that the venue offers. If there are any changes that you would like to make, then make sure that you give the instructions to the decorator, well in advance.


Finally, the budget is of utmost importance. Most weddings usually occur only in the evening hours and therefore, it would be advisable to book the lawns or wedding hall only for the hours you really need it for. An experienced wedding party decorator would need only more than a couple of hours to have it ready for you provided he or she has all the other details in place.

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