Wedding and the influence of tradition

culture influence in wedding

“Wedding Day” is very special and important to every bride and groom and wedding or marriage is not only just the unification of two individuals, it’s the tying up day of two families and a new relationship starts from both sides. In India, marriages have an enriched background over thousands of years.

India, the majority Hindu land has an enriched cultural heritage, marriage is a traditional religious rite and Hindu marriages have much religious relevance tied with worships. Now days, weddings are much expensive and families depending event management companies to conduct wedding. Parents in India are taking lot of tension on the matter of marriage, their son or daughter has to be performing as groom or bride. “Gold” the yellow metal is a non detachable part of marriages in India.

The dowry system also not abandoned and obviously marriage is an expensive function in India. the Indian Hindu marriages have the sturdy influence of tradition and obviously marriages are a function centered with religious rites. In India especially with Hindu marriage, the married Hindu woman must wear Mangalsuthra, the Hindu culture and tradition gives much importance to Mangalsuthra.. There is nothing to confuse, it’s an ornament worn by woman to recognize her as married.

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days to each and every married couple. The traditional marriages are enriched with lot of added attractions. The wedding day is auspicious and obviously filled with celebrations. Hindu weddings have a tradition over centuries, there’ll be a priest and lot of mantha chanting is a part of Hindu wedding.

Hindu weddings have to say as simple and good and at the same time it has everything to support the traditional values. At present, large number of Hindu marriages are under the control of event management companies. Our rich tradition and values must be protected.

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