Things To Know Before Booking A Marriage Hall In Chennai

Things to know before booking a marriage hall in Chennai

Things To Know Before Booking A Marriage Hall In Chennai

After finalizing the marriage next and biggest step is finalizing the marriage venue that suits your budget. It looks simple and but it is a very tedious task. It is good to evaluate the venue to avoid the hidden costs, parking facilities and falling short of space. There are different types of halls available in Chennai. Marriage halls, hotels blanket halls are the few of them. You can book any of them depending upon your budget. Here are the few points that need to be evaluated before finalizing the venue.

Capacity And Size Of The Venue:

Marriage hall should contain ample amount of facilities to accommodate the guests. Mainly dining halls should be wider and it should have the capacity of occupying at least 350 persons at the time. If you are planning to invite 1000 peoples means it is better to book a 600 capacity hall. It is more than enough because some people will go for having their food at times hall should not look empty. It will also save your money because hall capacity determines the rent.

Venue Location And Convenience:

One common mistake that happens all weddings is the marriage location will be nearer to the bride’s home. But it should be in a place which will be convenient for both the families as well as for all guests. The hall should be easily reachable and it should have the best private and public transport.

There Should Be Proper Security Arrangements:

This also seems to be important nowadays. The marriage hall should have good parking facilities which can help the guests to park their vehicles safely. The hall should be under CCTV surveillance in order to avoid unwanted issues. There are lots of party halls in Chennai having these facilities book the right Kalyana Mandapam and enjoy the function.

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