The Traditional Weddings in India

traditional indian wedding

India is a democratic country, the cultural heritage of India has to special mention. The traditional weddings in India is very much interesting with it’s religious rites and functions. The Hindu weddings are purely based on traditional values; every religion in India respects the morals behind weddings.

Brahmins are considered to be the highest in caste system. Brahmin wedding ritual is something different and filled with lot of fun, some other colorful ceremonies also to be a part of Brahmin wedding. Every ritual in Brahmin wedding has it’s own hidden meaning. A procession of interesting rituals is common with Brahmin wedding.

It starts from Siddhanth ceremony to Saptapada ritual. The Brahmin engagement ceremony is known as “Nishchaya thamboolam” and a Brahmin marriage will be colorful and filled with festivities. The traditional influence of Hindu religious rituals plays a key role in the matter of Hindu weddings. India, the land of most ancient cultural heritage still keeps certain ethics and values related with wedding. According to the cast system of India, there are four divisions as Brahmin, Khshathriya, Vaisya and Shoodra, The mentioned four castes follow different religious rituals in their wedding, but all are deeply rooted with tradition.

The weddings, coming under the title as “Hindu” is still stringently follows the traditional and religious rituals. Contrary to the informed reality, certain inter caste marriages are also happening. Anyway Indians believes “wedding’ is a dominant day and the Hindu culture and tradition are like a non detachable part of Hindu Wedding. Indian Hindu wedding is a symbol of cultural and traditional expression, perhaps nowhere in the world, difficult to find such unique religious rituals related with marriages, really something different.

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