The perfect wedding venue in Chennai

As everybody knows India is a Hindu majority nation and it has a great cultural heritage. Hindu marriage is a religious rite with lot of rituals obviously rooted with the tradition. 70% of Hindu marriages are held with a vegetarian feast.

A majority of Hindu marriages would have a wedding venue and after the traditional marriage rite, there will be a vegetarian feast. But things have changed, now the Hindu marriage related rites have conducts not in a temple, the families of both bride and groom prefers to held the marriage in a private place preferably at a wedding venue in a Kalyana Mandapam. Here in Chennai, there is a beautiful and enchanting thirumana mandapam, Its VRTM or it can be say as Vijaya Raja Thirumana Mandapam.

It has everything that you would prefer from a high quality wedding venue. The Hindu marriages have the traditional and religious relevance obviously tied with worships. VRTM, the well known wedding venue has everything related with Hindu marriages. We will arrange the thirumananm priests (Purohithan or Shanthi) and everything means from A to Z for the completion of a Hindu marriage. Yes, VRTM has everything to conduct a Hindu marriage; it’s one of the best and forefront wedding venue in south India. Our amenities have to special mention, it’s like 2000 Capacity with 1000 seating in the hall, 400 seating capacity in the dining hall, 24 furnished rooms, Centralized A/C, Dual lift facility, Pure Vegetarian and so on.

While you’re planning to occupy a suitable wedding venue, it’s better choose VRTM the name you can rely upon. VRTM has an unbeatable quality, truly an excellent wedding venue; it has been earned goodwill as the best wedding venue in south India. It’s really the most suitable place for Hindu marriages. Yes VRTM is the favorite wedding venue designed especially for Hindu marriages in south India, obviously it’s the top and best wedding venue of Chennai.

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