The Chettiar Wedding Venue in Chennai

The Chettiar community in Tamil Nadu is a very important and non detachable part of the society, the Chettiar society in Tamil Nadu has given many valuable contributions especially to the business and industrial scenario, and they have been proved their sturdy capacity in the above mentioned fields. The cultural heritage related with Chettiar marriage has to consider.

In Chennai city, the capital of Tamil Nadu hundreds of Chettiar marriages is happening every year. The rituals of Tamil Nadu Chettiar Wedding has to mention as very attractive and interesting, A Tamilian Chettiar wedding is a very long affair with a procession of ceremonies and rituals and usually it would take a week (minimum), Gifting to the couple is a system, from broomstick or even the low priced home item to expensive diamonds etc would come in the list.

The Chettiar Wedding and related things are like a long story, Now we’re going to examine a kalyana mandapam in chennai where Chettiar marriages are happening, the wedding venue is nothing other than VRTM (Vijay Raja Thriumana Mandapam), it has everything that you would prefer from a high class wedding venue. The Chettiar community in Chennai prefers VRTM, they have been experienced the goodness and quality of Vijay Raja Thirumana Mandapam, it has the amazing features and amenities.

The auditorium is full centralized A/C furnished; it has the largest seating capacity, it has guest rooms, dressing rooms, very neat and cleans pantry, hygienic kitchen, expert vegetarian chefs, Hindu priests and so on. Every year hundreds of Hindu marriages are happening in Vijay Raja Thirumana Mandapam. It has very spacious car parking and obviously VRTM is one of the best and forefront wedding venue in south India.

In Tamil Nadu, especially in the capital city Chennai, there is large number of wedding venues; perhaps it’ll come nearing to 52 kalyana mandapams. But only a few can be considered as good in every aspect. Here is the relevance of VRTM or Vijay Raja Thirumana Mandapam, it has everything that you would prefer from a world class wedding venue, a majority of Chennai families prefers VRTM, the Hindu grooms and brides very considers Vijaya Raja Kalyana Mandapam, In Chennai majority of the Chettiar marriages are held in VRTM, yes there is no other place is better than VRTM, choose the same and feel the difference.

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