Stories Of Little Krishna

Stories of Little Krishna

Stories Of Little Krishna

Here are some exciting stories of Lord Krishna when he was in his childhood days. These are taken from depictions and legends which have persisted for generations now. They are filled with fun and nuisances which Little Krishna would do and also about some essential moral lessons which he teaches us.

  • Lord Krishna And The Demon Bull:

    Once a big demon bull attacked the village in which Krishna was living. The bull was attacking the villagers and destroying their property. The villagers asked Krishna to help them. Little Krishna fought the bull and pierced of his horns. Then from the bull’s body, the demon came out and down in front of Krishna and thanked him for releasing the beast from the bull’s body. He then said he wad a disciple of Lord Brihaspati, but as a punishment for not respecting his teachers, Lord punished him and cursed his soul. So the moral of the story is we should always respect our elders and teachers.

  • Lord Krishna And Kaliya, The Snake:

    Once a vast black and venomous snake started to live in the waters of Yamuna near the village where Krishna lived, which turned it poisonous. Therefore people feel sick when they consumed the water. The people from the community asked Little Krishna to help them and protect them from the snake. Little Krishna decided to fight the snake and managed to defeat it. The water was clear again, and the people rejoiced. The moral which you understand from the story is good over wins over evil.

So here are some exciting stories about Little Krishna and he tells about bravery and gallantry which has always impressed us for generations. These stories serve as a good moral lesson for children’s because they can learn a lot from these amazing stories.

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