Rituals Followed In Tamil Marriages

Rituals followed in tamil Marriages

Rituals Followed In Tamil Marriages

Marriage is an important thing that will happen in every human life. It’s a new beginning of your life. No doubt it is a special and memorable occasion for everyone’s life. Indian marriages are special. It is filled with rituals and harmony. Tamil marriages are no different from this. It is an epitome of rich traditions and rituals. The celebration will begin one day prior to the wedding.

Pre-Wedding Rituals:

Panda kall muhartham marks the beginning of your wedding. It will be done on a day before the wedding. Both the bride and groom’s family will perform prayers together to seek the blessings of God.

Sumangali Prarthana:

Sumangalis are ones who are leading their married life in a prosperous manner. In this ritual, the bride will seek the blessings from them.


Rings will be exchanged for this function. Parents from both the families will give gifts to their son in law and daughter in law. bride’s brother will apply kungkum and thilak to groom and groom’s sister will apply kungkum and thilak to bride’s forehead.

Mangala Snaanam:

This ritual is an important virtual will be held early morning on the wedding day. This will be performed in both the families. Turmeric and oil will be applied to the groom and bride by their respective families. After that, the bride and groom need to take bath and get ready for the wedding.

Wedding Rituals:

The priests will chants mantras the groom and bride will take seven pious rounds around the fire. Then thaali will be tied on the neck of the bride by the groom. Grooms have to tie the knot thrice.

These are major marriage rituals performed on the Tamil marriages. The marriage will be held in party halls named Kalyana Mandapam. There are a lot of party halls in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.  If you got a chance to visit a Tamil marriage it will help you understand Tamil culture.

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