Knowing About The Brahmin Marriage Rituals That Are Prevalent Among The Tamil Brahmins

Brahmin Marriage Rituals (especially Tamil Brahmins)

Knowing About The Brahmin Marriage Rituals That Are Prevalent Among The Tamil Brahmins

Indian weddings are extensive with all the rituals and traditions which takes days to complete. Similarly, the Tamil Brahmin weddings are also extensive and have a lot of ceremonies and traditional activities involved in the whole process. Let us have a look at them!

  • Kalyanam:

    the first step towards the commencement of the wedding is Kalyanam. In this ritual, the bride’s family and she arrives at the wedding venue or which is traditionally known as the ‘Kalyana-mandapam,’ one day before the wedding. The groom is then welcomed with the grand celebration and performing essential rituals.

  • Viratham:

    this ritual is mainly done by the bride and the groom separately. A sacred yellow thread is then tied to both of their hands, and they are not allowed to leave the wedding venue until all the rituals are complete. An aarthi is performed to culminate it.

  • Janavasam And Nischaiyartham:

    this traditional ritual is particularly important because it is conducted to sort out any in differences if there is any between the bride and the groom or both the family. It is conducted in a temple, and both of them are blessed to prevent anymore indifferences from occurring from now.

  • Unjal Unjal:

    this ceremony Marka the exchange of the garlands between the groom and the bride. It is a fun ceremony because both the individuals would have to avoid the wreath in the first few times. Then they are fed with traditional food and aarthi is done.

So as you can see that there are so many rituals and traditions which are present among the Tamil Brahmins. These are an essential part of every marriage ceremony, and therefore they should be respected as a part of their culture and traditions.

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