Interesting Stories About Little Krishna

Interesting Stories About Little Krishna

Interesting Stories About Little Krishna

The story of Krishna has always been full of fun, nuisances and at the same time, Krishna’s bravery and impeccable strength to fight evils. He has always been the upholder of the good and destroyer of the bad. So here are some funny stories about Krishna when he was a child. These are entertaining and show us how mischievous Krishna was in his childhood days!

  • Lord Krishna And Butter:

    This is probably one of the most famous stories of Lord Krishna. Krishna was always fond of butter and he would steal butter from wherever he could and eat it. One day his mother left him alone at home and little Krishna called all his friends and together they found out the butter which Yashodha, his mother had kept hidden. They were so engrossed in eating it that they did not realize she has come back and Krishna got a thrashing! You can never hide anything from your elders, can you?

  • Little Krishna And Fruit Lady:

    One day a lady with a lot of fruits in her basket was passing Krishna’s home. Little Krishna asked the lady to give him some fruits and in exchange, he went to get some grains for her. But all of the grains fell down and on seeing the lady gave him all the fruits out of love. Krishna was very happy to get all the fruits! Soon, the lady discovered that her empty basket was filled with gold and jewels! The moral here is- you will be rewarded handsomely if you make keep others happy.

So here are some interesting stories about Little Krishna. For generations, these stories have been passed onto the next and we have always been in awe of the brilliant and beautiful character of Little Krishna.

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