Interesting Rituals Of A Tamil Wedding Ceremony

Interesting Rituals Of A Tamil Wedding Ceremony

Interesting Rituals Of A Tamil Wedding Ceremony

Indian weddings are really extensive and involve a lot of different rituals and traditional activities. Tamil weddings are full of such rituals and really fun to involve in! Let us have a look at some interesting rituals of a Tamil wedding ceremony.

  • Mangala Snaanam:

    This ritual takes place at the dawn of the wedding day and it is carried out by both the groom and the bride. In this ritual, both the individuals have to take a purifying bath with their bodies lushed with haldi, kumkum and other oils. This is a must ritual which needs to be followed before the bride, and the groom can start their wedding ceremonies. It marks the pure joy of commencing the wedding process.

  • Kashi Yatra:

    This is a fun ceremony to be in where the groom pretends he does not want to marry and is going for a trip to Kashi. He has some basic amenities like an umbrella and a stick. Then the bride’s father steps in and persuades the groom to take the hand of his daughter and marry him. The groom then accepts the proposal and is taken to the mandap.

  • Oonjal:

    Which is also known as the swing ceremony is conducted to ward of any evil which might linger around the bride and groom. They are made to sit on a swing together and is offered some banana and milk to eat. People throw rice balls around them to make sure they are safe and have a healthy future together.

So here are some interesting Tamil rituals that need to be carried out in a Tamil Wedding. Indian weddings are a symbol of togetherness, purity and love. Therefore every ritual holds their own importance and needs to carry out to make sure that the couple has a safe future together!

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