Your Checklist For Your Wedding Day

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Your Checklist For Your Wedding Day

You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong on your wedding day. The most important day of your life should be memorable for a lifetime. It is important to make sure that everything is in order and nothing goes wrong on the D-day. The key to executing everything successfully is having everything planned and arranged much ahead of time. But what if the caterers get confused with the date when they are supposed to provide food? Or the decorators fail to turn up? What an embarrassment! It is necessary to give quite a number of reminders from time to time to ensure your appointment. Even though you know you’re done with all the arrangements, be sure that you tick the checklist when your wedding is a month away. Here’s a guideline on how to do it.


Tick Off The Checklist


  1. The most important thing you need to do is, CONFIRM THE DATES! Call up the manager of the venue that you have booked for your big day and confirm the date of your booking. There are some of the best AC mandapams in Chennai. Book an AC marriage hall in Chennai before it’s already taken. Apart from that, talk to all the vendors- the decorators, the caterers and everyone.
  2. Make sure that the venue has the provision of taking effective measures in case of rain. This holds true most in case of open-air weddings. You wouldn’t like an unwelcome rain to ruin the biggest day of your life, would you?
  3. Make all the payments ahead of time. Even if not full, make sure that the maximum is paid. In this manner, the vendors will be obliged to serve you and there will be fewer chances of any complications or mistakes.
  4. All the things need to reach on time.
  5. Check that your wedding dress and your jewelry reach on time. You will be the apple of the eye for the entire evening. Any flaw in your appearance shall not go unnoticed. Book an appointment with the best makeup artist and shine like a new penny!
  6. Recheck the printed invitation cards before sending them off. Make sure that the venue and dates are printed correctly. You won’t like your guests turning up on a wrong day at the wrong places. Also, make sure that invitations are sent out to everyone whose names are written on the list.
  7. Talk to you photographer. Make sure he clicks the best photographs so that every time you look at them, you can feel the same joy and ecstasy rush down your veins.


Once you’ve done all these, you know you are ready for the big day. Happy wedding!

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