3 ways to find best wedding hall for your big day

You have already found one person for you to spend your life with, the next step is to find the best place to host your celebration. As an event planner, you really have your work schedule for you.

There are many luxury marriage halls in chennai and it’s hard to find the best one that is perfect suits for your wedding.

Here are few factors to find the best wedding hall in Chennai:

Marriage Hall Capacity:

First things to do before finding out actual wedding venues is to figure out how many guests you are expecting for the wedding. A rough estimate would do that should help you narrow down the list of potential wedding halls. A different number of guests are expected for the engagement, reception and wedding! There are few venues in Chennai with luxuries halls that can easily accommodate these varying numbers.

Wedding Hall Availability:

Wedding time is a big thing in Chennai! Seperate months in the Tamil calendar are considered most important date for weddings. So, most wedding halls in Chennai are booked in advance. So, the first thing to do once the wedding date is fixed we need to book the wedding venue!


If you have specific theme for your wedding, this is something you need to discuss during the very first meeting with your potential wedding planner. Whether it’s a simple color palette or a huge, ambitious theme, you’ll need to know that he or she feels comfortable and confident taking it on. Explain exactly what you want, and be up front about everything you’ll require.

One Stop Solution:

Vijay Raja Thirumana Mandapam – Leading Marriage wedding auditorium in Chennai

  • Most of the Hindus’ weddings in Chennai are absolutely a VRTM happening.
  • Very Luxurious marriage hall in Chennai with 2000 capacity with 1000 seats in hall
  • In chennai, most of the wedding halls are not maintained properly but VRTM is the best and dependable auditorium in South India.
  • There is not better wedding hall choice in Chennai better than VRTM
  • We handling from perfect backdrops to cutest table décor and world-class cuisine
  • We take care of every fine detail so that you can enjoy your festivities to the fullest

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